Our Outlook

The Gershman philosophy is based on the belief that when homebuyers are better informed, they can reduce debt, gain financial flexibility, and live their lives with far less stress and worry. It’s all about making a plan that affords you greater freedom—our goal is to help you do that through smart decisions about your finances, debt, credit rating and mortgage.

At Gershman, small is beautiful— we provide hands-on, custom service in a way that most big firms can’t. We don’t just “do” mortgages; we explain complex rules and regulations, help you complete paperwork, and keep you fully updated during the mortgage application process. In short, we provide the tools you need to chart your own best financial course on the path to home ownership.

Our Approach

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
— Benjamin Franklin

For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make. Your Gershman mortgage will be processed quickly— usually within 30 days—but we know the impact of our service will last a lifetime.

There’s a reason that our motto is: Get Educated, Not Sold! Our passion is helping clients achieve their dreams and goals, and we do it by providing not just mortgage advice, but also services like free budget, cash flow and debt reduction planning. Our strategy is to educate clients so that they can make their own best financial decisions.

You wouldn’t let a car salesman pick out a car for you without selecting your own options. Why should choosing a mortgage be any different?

At Gershman, we know that our own best path to success is through the repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals from customers who’ve experienced our personalized service, expertise, integrity and enthusiasm firsthand. We don’t want clients to become just “satisfied customers.” We want to turn them into lifelong fans!

Meet the Gershman Staff

Without the Gershman staff, we’d be a pile of bricks and an empty shell. It’s our dedicated professionals—the ones who go the extra mile for clients, regardless of the size of their loan— that make our company what it is.

We often say that our loan professionals are really teachers at heart. All people fear the unknown, and worry that they might not be getting guidance that’s best for them. It’s our mission to remove doubt and uncertainty at every step in the mortgage process.

At Gershman, it’s all about getting to “yes”—not just for your mortgage, but for your overall financial health.

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