Biggest House Buying Fears!

The Unknown of the House Structure.

Abandoned Home 

We all have that worry about what is our “dream home” really like? I know, we have them checked; he walks around the house and lets us know the major issues. How comfortable are you about that, honestly. If you’re like me, I still have a lot of worries!

I am here to save you! Here’s a small list of things that you are likely not checking, that you should be.


    • Check the Drains – This might sound silly, but I have seen this plenty of times! Somewhere between the house and the sewer line, there’s a backup. Usually tree branches or a collapsed pipe, but either way, it’s hard to spot unless you run a load of laundry, fill up the tub and sinks and let them all attempt to drain at the same time.


    • Open All The Windows:Replacing windows isn’t fun and it isn’t cheap either. Open all of them to find out if they stick, are stuck, or just plain old won’t open.


    • Open The Electrical Panel:A clean and labeled panel is a happy panel. Something that looks like squirrels got up inside can signal trouble. Look for loose wires or ones that simply don’t connect to anything. It could signal that there are live wires inside the walls!


    • Taste the Water:This lesson is always learned the hard way. Even if your city has great water, your pipes might be old enough that they’ll send a little extra something out of the tap and into your glass. Knowing up front if you’ll need to install a whole house filter or invest in a few Brita pitchers is always helpful.


  • Turn on The Heat/Air:Knowing that both of these things work prior to actually needing them can be a serious bonus. Check to make sure they blow their respective temperatures in addition to just turning on.

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