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Chris was born and raised in Elkhart and graduated from North Polk. After high school, he joined the Air National Guard and built up munitions for F-16 Fighter Jets. On the civilian side, Chris joined insurance underwriting for a Nationwide Insurance. Chris eventually became a Contracting Specialist at the Air Guard base, where he met the Branch Manager of Gershman Mortgage, David Bell.

In his early twenties, Chris was looking at buying a house for him and his new wife and had no clue where to begin. David calmly assured Chris that he would teach him how to get the financing he needed to get his home, starting with a few tweaks to monthly budget. After David went above and beyond his duties as a loan officer, Chris gained a solid foundation of mortgage loan knowledge and was eager to build upon it. This whole situation bewildered Chris as to why he and so many others feared words such as budgeting, credit, and home mortgages when they are some of the most important subjects to know in life. He joined the Gershman team and made it his personal mission to educate people by putting mortgages into simple terms that anyone could understand so as to erase the negative stigmas of homeownership.

In Chris’ off-time, he enjoys remodeling his home in Windsor Heights as well as being the #1 roadie/groupie for his wife’s band Bonne Finken & The Collective. To relax, he and his wife love riding the bike trails and traveling as much as they can.

Chris is acting Loan Coordinator for the Branch Manager as well as a Loan Officer specializing in Conventional, USDA, FHA, and VA loans. He is available day and night to assist you with reaching your goals and any home mortgage needs now you have now, or even later on down the road.

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